simple tips to gain my friendship

  • have a dog
  • show me pictures of your dog
  • invite me over to pet your dog
  • be a dog
  • dog
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Rita Volk x Just Jared Jr.

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look how cute!! 

I don’t think you learn how to act. You learn how to use your emotions and feelings. 

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I remember being completely involved in imaginary games that would last for days, weeks. It was always magic, sorcery, living in trees. A lot of just living in imaginary worlds. I don’t think I’ve lost that. It’s just now I’m doing it as a job. — Florence Welch


UCB-LA | Yes Please | 08.03.14

Amy Poehler in the green room backstage at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

Mr Krabs: that hat makes you look like a boy
Me: Am I a cute boy??
Mr Krabs: oh well, you’re handsome


DAYS ARE GONE CAME OUT A YEAR AGO TODAY!!! Thank you to everyone who got the record, came to our shows, raged with us, and sang along to our songs.  We love you all so much and can’t believe how lucky we are to be able to do this and enjoy it with you. Been working on some new things and can’t wait to show you!