Oh baby

Tina Fey for Elle’s Women in Hollywood (2014)

rosamund pike for l.k. bennett

Tatiana Maslany in Parks and Recreation.

  • straight people: Danimals is where the goodness of dairy meets delicious fun
  • gay people: right?! that stuff is such a good source of calcium AND vitamin D
  • straight people: it doesnt even have ant artificial stuf, or high fructose corn syrup. it's all natural
  • gay people: And they're full of delicious fruity flavor! That's why you'll feel good when your kids reach for Danimals!
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my store got all the Carmel Brûlée gingerbread and peppermint syrups and it’s not even Halloween! Starbucks has no chill

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“I think sometimes as people get a little bit older, they become a little more serious or something. Everything’s kind of magical to me still.”

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Life in Pictures: St. Vincent, photos by Petra Collins